Vuarnet, The Legend
The vuarnet brand has now been in existence for almost half a century. It continues to rise above changing fashions to enjoy worldwide success. It is still what it has always been, classical and authentic.

The worldwide leader for sun protection
Years after it was developed in 1957, the Skilynx lens is still the best at protecting the eyes from the sun's rays. This exceptional lens, worn in 1960 by world champion and Olympic medal winner jean Vuarnet, is in fact renowned worldwide for allowing the wearer to look at the sun without being dazzled and to improve light levels in misty weather. Today, this legendary lens still makes Vuarnet glasses unique.

The story goes on
Faithful to its original values, Sporoptic Pouilloux continues to develop, using its special expertise to create prescription and plano sun lenses of very high quality, giving maximum protection, relief perception and color transmission. This expertise is enhanced by an increasingly wide range of frames designed to appeal to the tastes and expectations of a modern, diverse clientele that includes the sporting and the less sporting, who are looking to combine optimal performance with design.